Review for “Blackthorn”

23 02 2012

Last night I finally got a chance to sit down and watch Sam Shepard in the film “Blackthorn”. First off all I can say is that the film was incredible! Much better than I had originally anticipated (and I already had high hopes for it to begin with). The movie itself, from basically like the trailer points out, takes place so many years after the wild and crazy hey-days of Cassidy’s past, 20 plus years later. But after living in exile and hiding for so long in South America , Butch decides it is time to go home one last time, back to America, to see the family he left before it is too late.

The film first off has some of the most spectacular and just beautiful as well as awesome land and terrain shots that you can’t help but admire it. More importantly than that, they fit the film just perfectly! The majority of the movie was filmed on scene at various parts in the southwest and of course south of the border which really does make it seem like a break away from the everyday common CGI backdrop environment being used so heavily in today’s films. With this film, you really get a reminder of how great westerns once were really done back in the good old days.

Another aspect of this film would of course have to be the story as well. Right off the bat you want to know what Butch has been up to. Especially after it was assumed he had been shot and killed by Bolivian soldiers back in 1908. Other little questions kind linger in the back of your head at the same time for ex. what happened to Sundance along with Ms. Etta Place and so forth. You do get to see how things and people kind of unraveled for him in the past as you occasionally get a flashback glimpse from time to time whenever Butch begins to reminisce or remember. In addition to that, you could also kind of connect this film and story to that of one which starred Rob Redford and Paul Newman. However in this one it is not all fun and games such as the previous one. The further you get in to this film you really do begin to get the idea that even if in real life if Butch Cassidy never really was killed along with Sundance when they say he supposedly was, you almost get the feeling while watching the film that he may have wished he was.

Ever since Cassidy’s death, there have been quite a few speculations as well as theories which suggest that Mr. Butch Cassidy really did in fact escape his captors with his life and then went on to settle down with his own small ranch and maybe even travel occasionally, 20 some odd years after. However when it comes to some of the greatest outlaws of that time period (and if that theory was true), you can’t help but think that just for once that he knew more than anyone else that ultimately the price he paid was not so much jail time or maybe even getting hunted down and killed by professional lawmen and trackers, but literally being cut off from whomever and whatever they may have been before. And more importantly than that, having everything taken away from him as well.

That’s about it from me. So if you get a chance definitely see this film! You can see it now on Netflix streaming so I suggest you check it out! Like I said before, this is to sum it up a great western film. And if you are a fan of the Butch Cassidy legend and myth then you may even like it more so than others. Take it easy everybody!

Blackthorn trailer




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