The Modern Day Social Media and Entertaniment Industry

23 02 2012

Is it just me, or does TMZ have the most boring, and rather dull website, out on the Internet today? I mean how can you get so worked up over news that has no relevance to anything else going on in the world today as we know it! Bottom line, it’s not important. And when the top dawgs sitting in the upper floor office buildings figure this out, it will be only a matter of time until they decide to pull the plug on them. After all, people get tired of lame shit, then it begins to go unnoticed as well as get criticized and then it is gone, and life goes on! And believe me too, no fancy smart phone app or interactive audience feed is going to save them from that! I mean really who profits off of it because when it comes to Hollywood and the entertainment industry, there has got to be some kind of really important as well as core reason as to why something is being done. I’m sure the main reason is not so that people everywhere can see what their favorite celebs are doing, no (although the child like innocence in that respect is kind of sweet as well as touching, but not the case). There is a major money connection somewhere because when you think about it, people go online, for ex., and they check out what, if anything, is being said or done about a particular someone or anyone for that matter(i.e. photographs, statements, videos, you name it) which in turn arouses a certain type of curiosity about the said person, whoever they may be, in the entertainment world. This in turn can cause anything from a decline or rise in records sales, the dismissal or firing of an actor or praise for one, the termination of a show or putting it in limbo (i.e. Two and Half Men) etc. The point is, if you really didn’t know any better you would think that somehow and some way that it just might be staged! Now I’m not trying to come off like a conspirator theorist or anything like that (not that this would be an actual conspiracy which would have any importance or relevance for anyone else in this country except for the entertainment community itself) but how the hell can you not take a step back and say to yourself “what the hell is this? Are we being secretly invaded and brainwashed by the morons from Planet Dumb Ass?” I bet their ship would look something like a regular ship except it would be totally backwards. After you saw it land you would go up and ask them “Why are you guys going in reverse? And they would reply, “What are you talking about? Idiot!” But back to what I was saying before, it just seems like this is some part of the next generation of not so much Hollywood itself, but the money making machine which will always go along with it.

Let me give you an example, a funny one too! Imagine way up in some upper level Los Angeles, Hollywood office building that there was some kind of dept. which did nothing but direct social gossip news media, including of course the paparazzi! What if it was their job to let’s say monitor anyone and everyone who is either semi famous or incredibly famous and then put them on a list, and then when the studios had to make a decision or “take care of something” meaning such as get a lead actor in trouble, or just simply tell them that they needed them to do something, then the monitoring dept. puts together a team or maybe just one individual to go out and do whatever it is they need them to do! Plain and simple! Now I know this seems pretty far fetched however I also know that even though such a dept. does not exist, (or maybe it does) almost all of these social media sites, paparazzi, the gossip news magazines and shows pretty much all function in this way, shape or form. Problem is they just don’t have an official oversight dept. to tell them what to do, they just do it! Well the almighty dollar is the one they REALLY report to but that’s a different story. However one could slip that little factor in there just to give it a little kick!

My next subject is the marketing part. Now for starters I would freaking laugh my ass off if I found out that the function of Hollywood triumphs and sorrows really were being not so much consciously controlled, but subconsciously. Advertising for a film, record or show is one thing, but what about everything else?  One example of the subconscious part, and this has been proven to been taken place not just now but for so many years and that would be subliminal messaging. Basically what this means is that in everything from movies, to TV shows, to magazines and even pictures, sometimes certain blips or mistakes just so happen to be on a certain ad. Doesn’t mean anything when you first look at it however your mind itself makes what you would call “a mental note” of that certain defect or character which in turn causes you to remember the said product in mind and maybe even pay for it whether it be a movie, a food product, or trip to somewhere. It’s all in the wrist, so to speak. Thus, the seller most likely just made a sale off of a subliminal message. To go in to detail about this subject would take a lot of time however the example I just gave you really does sum it all up! I might just write about that some more later on as well!

Before I go, I have just one more just one ore subject to talk about. This subject rather reflects back on what I was talking before at first and that was this whole lame, brainless, as well as moronic, irrelevant new genre in the news as well as entertainment media culture being imposed on society today. On my smart phone I have the CNN app which is great, I love it! However once in a while, this particular site or app tends to forget that they have an obligation, and that obligation is to just simply reporting the news, worldwide news for ex. as it happens and keeping people up to date on what is going on around the world. And believe me they do a very good job with it. However, during the night of this past years Emmy’s show I received an alert text as to which actress received the award for best performance. Now I know this is news, especially if you watch the said show (which I don’t even remember what it was or now that I think about it who it was that won) but to me it just seemed a little off balance or off point for them to send this out as a “News Alert”. For the past I don’t know how many weeks (or months) it has been sending out dramatic text message reports about Libya and Gadhafi, the war, planes crashing and killing people left and right and the ever so growing unemployment rate as well as the debt of the country and so forth. However when this one text alert came up, for some reason it just didn’t strike me as a cause for concern. It almost seemed like some fill in guy had come in to take over for day because the regular text alert person out on leave or sick. I’m guessing it was Idiot Bob or something. This would be the same guy who would probably be eating his lunch at his station, drop it then go on the alert board and send out a message alert “CNN Message Alert: I just dropped my peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Duhhhhh!”  Frankly I didn’t even watch the Emmy’s. I have my own personal favorite TV shows mind you as well as plenty and plenty of favorite actors, actresses, writers, directors and producers, but when something like the Emmy’s is all said and done, I just simply go down the winners list the next day to see who won and to be honest, I’m satisfied!

Well that’s about it from me! I know this may have seemed a little different but like I said at the beginning of all of this, I just think it seems a little bit strange and unusual of just how things are taking shape not just for the better, but for the dumber! Take it easy everybody and have a nice week! Talk to you again,





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