The case of Trayvon Martin (RIP)

28 03 2012

This case has been gripping the nation more and more on a daily basis ever since it happened, and why shouldn’t it be. I think it’s safe to say that as long as it is taking for the state attorney’s office along with local authorities to finally come to a conclusion as to whether or not George Zimmerman actually shot Trayvon Martin in self defense or in cold blood has really been frustrating for a lot of people. But with this latest twist happening in the news media yesterday one could say that the reason for this latest bit of information is just simply a decoy so that the State of Florida can buy some more time for themselves. In case you missed it by the way the latest batch of gossip to hit the air waves was that Martin is now being characterized as someone who may have been unstable to begin with, there is just one catch tough. Nobody ever really knew about it. Unstable meaning for ex. he was suspended from school once! I know what you’re thinking, it’s a pathetic attempt to try and demoralize someone’s good name.

But with that being said let’s not forget about Mr. Zimmerman who has been arrested at least 3 times to date according to what is on his record, including one offense in particular that included resisting arrest from a police officer with violence! Now if you haven’t guessed it that last one will surely land you in prison, however there also happens to be one other bit of information that seems be playing a pretty big important role as to why this man has not even had one charge filed against him. His father is a former Orange County magistrate judge and in addition to this, those 3 prior arrests I had mentioned earlier, all were closed with no semblance of charges for the Florida resident. I think we know why now this thing has been getting dragged out as long as it has. (the link below is a site with a little bit more info. on his previous arrest history and the current case).

But getting back to Martin and his background as well as character, I think the only problem about this little bit of information, along with some other stuff too, is that nobody, not even the people who were close to Martin to begin with such as his family as well as close friends, has even a clue as to what they are talking about. Now in my opinion this almost seems wrong on so many ends. Promoting such a bad smear campaign based on the one simple fact that Martin isn’t even around to defend himself JUST IS NOT RIGHT. That to me just seems low. It also looks like the State of Florida is just getting so desperate to try and come to a conclusion with this case that they are almost willing to try and do anything to get this over and done with. I only say that by the way because once again, none of this makes any sense.

I do hope soon however that Mr. Zimmerman is held accountable for his actions. Like I said, with the reports coming out already of what eye witnesses said they saw and heard you can’ help but wonder if this was just a perfect example of two characters being both hot tempered but where one actually had a gun and did indeed use it however in reality did not even need to or was this just a perfect example of a murder committed in the heat of the moment, meaning he was ready to do this the second he saw him? I don’t know! What I do know is this, Mr. Zimmerman should definitely be held accountable for what he did to some degree and that is taking away the life of a kid who never even got to live his to begin with.

(The link below is from a CNN article with much more depth as to some more of the latest accounts of that tragic night)


Clint Eastwood movie lines!

26 03 2012
Cover of "Sudden Impact (Deluxe Edition)&...

Cover of Sudden Impact (Deluxe Edition)

I’m kind of in a classic Clint Eastwood movie line/role type of mood so i figured I’d share just a few of my own personal favorites. Now this first one is from the film Sudden Impact but before I get in to the actual line this post is about itself, I also wanted to point out another favorite one as well. It’s when one of the guys holding a hostage sees Callahan walk back in to the diner and after Callan tells him “we can’t just let you walk on out of here.” The guy replies “Who’s we sucka?” Just a perfect line for the sign of that time. Really early ’80’s but also really late ’70’s also.  🙂  Just kind of funny note! Click on the link right below this paragraph to view a quick clip of this scene!


But back to the line from Clint. Now before I even begin, I just want to say this for the record because I have said this before and I will say it again. If this film were made in today’s world, the infamous coffee line Clint says about his drink being made wrong would sound a bit more like this “Everyday for 10 years Loretta there has been giving me a Venti Skinny Latte. Today she gives me a whole fat Latte with extra regular Hazelnut syrup, a lot of regular Hazelnut syrup, and I just came back in to complain.” Go Clint! Of course no matter how it comes out, Callahan always ends up finishing the job with a bit of help from Mr. Smith and of course Mr. Wesson.

Now here we have yet another great Clint playing Harry scene from the film called “The Enforcer”! This one is too much! After tying to get these robbers to surrender and they refuse, one of them kicks Clint in the ass and tells him to hurry up with his demands. Well Clint, Playing Harry, does what only seems natural and that is drive your unmarked cruiser right up his tail. Then get out and shoot him in the ass! This is great! (just click the link below to watch!)


Well I hoped you enjoyed my little blog about personal Clint Eastwood favorite movie moments! Stay tuned and I just might have some more coming up soon! Grant it they may be about somebody else of course.  😉

Honestly where would we be?

24 03 2012
Image representing Sony as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Man I’m telling ya, thank God Sony has decided to do a Spiderman re-make/re-boot! I mean Spiderman 3 came out all the way back in 2007 (man was that a long time ago, back in those days we didn’t even have wireless blue ray players yet!) which means the years really have gone by! Well here we are all the way fast forward in the year 2012 and boy have we come a long way! I feel 20 years older already just thinking about it! Honestly, where would we be if Hollywood didn’t stop and remind us just how much time has gone by, because remember if they say so, then it must be true! Remember TV never lies. Always so true!

Personal Information Privacy at the Work Place and School

23 03 2012

It seems like at the workplace a lot of bosses and employers as well as college teachers etc. are trying to crack down on the usage of the internet, especially the use of Facebook. Now as far their rights go, they can and do have the authority to at least request that you not use company time or work or school time to utilize any socialize network or internet usage period when it comes to using not only their time but especially slander against them or other’s in the company or the institution itself. But as we all well know this request is looked over all the time due to the fact that one could easily use the Freedom of Speech right as an argumentative position. But going back to the basis of this particular article which this post I am currently writing about pertains to, my answer to the subject would be no. No employer or learning institution should be asking for your password to your Facebook account, or any other type online account you might have regardless of what type it may be, just because they want to know what your are doing. To put it simply it is none of their business!


In addition to that and on a side note, it also seems and feels like if this were the case then it would also be very unprofessional due to the fact that a certain a sense of paranoia seems to be settling in along with a touch of incompetence. It’s as if the incredibly unprofessional part has taken over the better part of their authority or place in charge. With this being said, then what I think should be done is that they should either try and re evaluate themselves as well as the REAL issues and problems that need to be addressed and not try to create new one’s which would not only bring down the level of respect which they have with other’s, but would also create a miserable work or school environment as well.


In addition to what I had mentioned earlier about this article at hand, I also not only think that the certain people who hold these upper level positions should not only consider reevaluating their position and stance when it comes to wanting access to people’s private accounts, but should also consider just resigning and stepping down all together. The reason I say this is because if the these certain types of people who are just so uncomfortable as well as so disturbed when it comes to being around other people to the point that it makes them so paranoid that they feel they need to violate their personal and private space, information, and lives then they should probably not be in charge at all. They are either more concerned about other people’s lives, viewpoints, or just personal stuff that they can not even, or don’t want to even, focus on the job or position which they were originally supposed to be paying attention to in the first place. It’s either that or they just hate people and just hate individuals not for being completely and totally all the way open to the world so that they can just see whatever they want. It could also be that they just hate people who are not as smart or not as good as other’s, as well as irritated for people around them for just BEING, meaning being alive or existing. As if they don’t want anyone else around at all, period.


I think it is more evident than anything that the job or position itself is just way too much for them since these people are now going around and demanding they have access to the accounts or private information of the one’s below them simply because they can not get a grasp on their own position. They just don’t seem fit to hold title or power which in return could prove damaging in some other part of the company or school.


The link below is to a Huffington post article which was the drive behind this little note here from myself. The article from Huffington is titled ” ACLU Says Your Facebook Password Shouldn’t Be Boss’ Business” and it was posted by  Courteney Palis. My post was a response as well as my own thoughts on the matter.


Skyrim, a masterpiece in itself.

21 03 2012

So lately I have been more than ever getting more and more involved with the ever fascinating as well as incredible and beautiful world that would be Skyrim. At first I have to admit I was just playing as well as journeying in to it now and then but now, especially since I have gone through my second edition hard copy book guide for the game, it has enveloped me in every which way! It is truly a work of art as well as created with that epic type of not just game, but story telling along with cinema like characters that in some ways if attempted to be done for an actual big screen audience, from whichever studio willing to touch it, would surely or at least most likely fail to meet not the true fan of the series but the everyday common movie goer as well. Bethesda just made this game way too epic for any movie studio to even think about touching and then turning this in to a film.

However with that being said, given the quality of the game itself along with the fact that if being played on a PS3 you will have the true 100% Blue-Ray experience to go along with it, then with all due respect you don’t even need to think about this world coming to life any way else! It is just a masterpiece, hands down! One more thing too, if you have this game or are thinking about buying it, then definitely look in to getting the hard cover thick book second edition guide. Trust me when I say this if you are looking to not only understand this game but use every single aspect of it while putting both your mind as well as your game system or PC to the test then this book is what you want!

The Dragonborn Comes

I almost forgot to mention something else. One of the reasons I bring up the possibility, or at least the fantasy like idea, of something of this level even being attempted to be made in to a film would be the tail end of this particular video. At the end you hear the Dragon scream down at the hero/warrior who is one of many characters from the game which you can use. But if you listen closely the sound which the dragon makes would be about as close to say what a real dragon may have sounded like given the fact of course if dragons had ever existed at all. It’s kind of like when the first Jurassic Park came out almost 20 years ago. During it’s release archaeologist and dinosaur diggers everywhere were pretty all saying the same thing, and that was if you want to know what dinosaurs were like, especially what they sounded like, then go see the film! And you know what they were right! KInd of like this one part of the video at the end, given the make as well as the size and of course the depth of the creatures intake, I bet it would sound just like that! That’s why I like this video because it reminds me of that comparison.

“Drive” review.

21 03 2012
Drive (2011 film)

Drive (2011 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally got a chance to sit down and watch Ryan Gosling in his high speed getaway action drama “Drive”. This film was freaking amazing, I loved it! In fact at first I didn’t really know what to expect from the film, either than it had been getting nothing but great reviews from the time it was released in theaters, however after finally seeing it for myself i can see why so many critics chose this film as one of the high quality drama film of last year. Ryan’s character in the film is a cool professional tough guy for hire type driver who really gives off the notion that he never looses, and on top of that will do anything it takes to survive. You get that message even more when he ends up having to take out a few bad guys in the middle and towards the end of the film, permanently.


All in all though the film itself is done with a extremely well taste and blend of both drama and suspense along with some incredible high speed chase driving sequences. My favorite was the 2011 5.0 GT Mustang chase! I’m not going to give it away but I always knew that those high end 300 Chrysler’s would not be able to keep with the fast paced, fast turning, curb hugging newer end model Ford Mustang GT’s. They are just too damn fast! Put it this way, if they (2011 Ford Mustang GT 5.0) can leave a newer end model 6.2L Camero in the dust when it comes to a quarter mile out on the track then what do you think the rest will be like in comparison? Not too much to ponder. Anyways great film! Check it out if you get a chance!