Skyrim, a masterpiece in itself.

21 03 2012

So lately I have been more than ever getting more and more involved with the ever fascinating as well as incredible and beautiful world that would be Skyrim. At first I have to admit I was just playing as well as journeying in to it now and then but now, especially since I have gone through my second edition hard copy book guide for the game, it has enveloped me in every which way! It is truly a work of art as well as created with that epic type of not just game, but story telling along with cinema like characters that in some ways if attempted to be done for an actual big screen audience, from whichever studio willing to touch it, would surely or at least most likely fail to meet not the true fan of the series but the everyday common movie goer as well. Bethesda just made this game way too epic for any movie studio to even think about touching and then turning this in to a film.

However with that being said, given the quality of the game itself along with the fact that if being played on a PS3 you will have the true 100% Blue-Ray experience to go along with it, then with all due respect you don’t even need to think about this world coming to life any way else! It is just a masterpiece, hands down! One more thing too, if you have this game or are thinking about buying it, then definitely look in to getting the hard cover thick book second edition guide. Trust me when I say this if you are looking to not only understand this game but use every single aspect of it while putting both your mind as well as your game system or PC to the test then this book is what you want!

The Dragonborn Comes

I almost forgot to mention something else. One of the reasons I bring up the possibility, or at least the fantasy like idea, of something of this level even being attempted to be made in to a film would be the tail end of this particular video. At the end you hear the Dragon scream down at the hero/warrior who is one of many characters from the game which you can use. But if you listen closely the sound which the dragon makes would be about as close to say what a real dragon may have sounded like given the fact of course if dragons had ever existed at all. It’s kind of like when the first Jurassic Park came out almost 20 years ago. During it’s release archaeologist and dinosaur diggers everywhere were pretty all saying the same thing, and that was if you want to know what dinosaurs were like, especially what they sounded like, then go see the film! And you know what they were right! KInd of like this one part of the video at the end, given the make as well as the size and of course the depth of the creatures intake, I bet it would sound just like that! That’s why I like this video because it reminds me of that comparison.



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