The case of Trayvon Martin (RIP)

28 03 2012

This case has been gripping the nation more and more on a daily basis ever since it happened, and why shouldn’t it be. I think it’s safe to say that as long as it is taking for the state attorney’s office along with local authorities to finally come to a conclusion as to whether or not George Zimmerman actually shot Trayvon Martin in self defense or in cold blood has really been frustrating for a lot of people. But with this latest twist happening in the news media yesterday one could say that the reason for this latest bit of information is just simply a decoy so that the State of Florida can buy some more time for themselves. In case you missed it by the way the latest batch of gossip to hit the air waves was that Martin is now being characterized as someone who may have been unstable to begin with, there is just one catch tough. Nobody ever really knew about it. Unstable meaning for ex. he was suspended from school once! I know what you’re thinking, it’s a pathetic attempt to try and demoralize someone’s good name.

But with that being said let’s not forget about Mr. Zimmerman who has been arrested at least 3 times to date according to what is on his record, including one offense in particular that included resisting arrest from a police officer with violence! Now if you haven’t guessed it that last one will surely land you in prison, however there also happens to be one other bit of information that seems be playing a pretty big important role as to why this man has not even had one charge filed against him. His father is a former Orange County magistrate judge and in addition to this, those 3 prior arrests I had mentioned earlier, all were closed with no semblance of charges for the Florida resident. I think we know why now this thing has been getting dragged out as long as it has. (the link below is a site with a little bit more info. on his previous arrest history and the current case).

But getting back to Martin and his background as well as character, I think the only problem about this little bit of information, along with some other stuff too, is that nobody, not even the people who were close to Martin to begin with such as his family as well as close friends, has even a clue as to what they are talking about. Now in my opinion this almost seems wrong on so many ends. Promoting such a bad smear campaign based on the one simple fact that Martin isn’t even around to defend himself JUST IS NOT RIGHT. That to me just seems low. It also looks like the State of Florida is just getting so desperate to try and come to a conclusion with this case that they are almost willing to try and do anything to get this over and done with. I only say that by the way because once again, none of this makes any sense.

I do hope soon however that Mr. Zimmerman is held accountable for his actions. Like I said, with the reports coming out already of what eye witnesses said they saw and heard you can’ help but wonder if this was just a perfect example of two characters being both hot tempered but where one actually had a gun and did indeed use it however in reality did not even need to or was this just a perfect example of a murder committed in the heat of the moment, meaning he was ready to do this the second he saw him? I don’t know! What I do know is this, Mr. Zimmerman should definitely be held accountable for what he did to some degree and that is taking away the life of a kid who never even got to live his to begin with.

(The link below is from a CNN article with much more depth as to some more of the latest accounts of that tragic night)




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28 03 2012

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