Alduin has been defeated!

1 04 2012
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alduin has finally been defeated! Skyrim is now once again safe for all. Still plenty of quests to follow-up on however the main part of the game is now finished, and what a game it was. Been working on this think since late Dec. Took a pretty good long break in between simply because I was not even sure I wanted to get in to it but now I am so glad I decided to finish it! This game is just a true piece of  art with some of the best game detail as well as music score soundtrack I have ever heard! And the Dragons in this thing are like nothing I have ever seen, or heard, especially when they all gather at the end to compliment you on a job well done then bid you adieu. The link below shows this final battle in a pretty nice HD quality presentation.

Alduin fight! Really great HD video of the last battle!

It’s kind of funny when I think about it. I mentioned how well detailed and even in some cases realistic the dragons themselves actually come across as during the game. Just to give you a quick example of it, towards the end the stakes are high and so is the fighting. With that said while playing this game on the PS3, with an HDMI cable and of course on a “46 flat panel big screen TV, the amount of high definition and detail is ridiculous! So much so in fact that as you are fighting some of the more aggressive dragons at the end who like to run up to you even from far away and you can do is watch would almost be enough to make some people to get a little bit intense or maybe even nervous or possibly scared! Of course at the same time that would be kind of funny thing to watch of someone! A gamer flipping out because a dragon on-screen is on the ground running after them, in a really creepy sort of way might I add since they don’t really walk too much to begin with.

However I’m not going to sit here and say that I have been totally perfect in the past when it has come to really intense and scary types of video games. I’m not really going to get in to detail about it or anything since I kind of want to come to a close with this post however I will say this. For anyone and everyone who got to play this game when it came out back in 2004 for the PC with a pretty good or at least advance game card then you will know what I am talking about when I say DOOM 3 in the dark with no lights on, and maybe even a kick ass surround system just to top off the whole entire genuine straight evil effect! I can still remember playing that game on a pretty nice DELL system set up back in the day when it was released! I swear to you the devil was inside it! Especially when you turned the lights off and played it! SCARY!




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