An explanation of the Illuminate, and my last post.

24 05 2012
Adam Weishaupt, Illuminati

Adam Weishaupt, Illuminati (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey everyone, what’s going on? I was just sitting here going over my last and most recent post when I figured I should probably explain some of my own thoughts on the subject I was talking about before. In my last note, I basically touched up on the fact of the modern day conspiracy secret society known only as the Illuminati was alive and well, in theory, and that it needed to be disbanded if it did even exist in the first place.

To get started, I think an important question which should be asked is “Do I believe that there is a secret society which is so influential and so powerful that it has the ability to help change or alter world events? Or better yet make it so that our world as we know it operates and functions on a day to day basis the way in which they see fit?” Well, the answer to that question I would have to say both  yes and no, but let me explain why first.

For starters I don’t believe there is one such society, which only the most powerful people are a part of spanning from all different parts of the globe who are all connected in to this one organization. It just doesn’t add up. In other words, it almost seems too perfect to even think about it along those terms. However with that being said, everyday people talk about the problems in the world and the major issues at hand which are attributed to the major industries and almost God like corporate entities which function perfectly fine on any given day. We talk about how bad things are because of these corporate conglomerates, how much control they have, and how they are always getting away with wrongful acts and deeds. But at the same time I don’t think we are even realizing if we really know what we are talking about in the first place given the fact that anything can be happening behind the big “corrupt and powerful curtain” of the modern day world as we know it today. I mean all of this stuff that we see going on any given day could just be a smoke screen for the real problems at hand, but which we do not even know about simply because it is just so well hidden. Kind of like a subconscious mind trick from the powers that be. Hopefully though that is not the case!

But going back to my question of the Illuminate presence. I think it is safe to say that if the whole entire concept of the Illuminate is just a myth being brought back to life but only in our imagination through conspiracy theorist and such, then I think it is safe to say that the reason for this is not because paranoid activist running around trying to scare up everyone over some cult they have never seen or heard of, but because the actions of the said culprits whom I was describing before are really giving the impression as well as all the signals that something more must be going on. In other words they are making the evidence so obvious that it really does look like to the average free thinker that some type of organization secret organization must be controlling all of this. That’s what I think really does fuel this misconception of the group such as the Illuminate being alive and well today. It’s the magnitude of things not just happening right now, but of things to come.

Now one more interesting fact or note before I close this whole thing up. A different question to ask is “Did the Illuminate ever really exist at all?” And the answer to that question ladies and gentlemen is a very solid YES! The history of the shadowy group itself dates all the way back up until almost the late 1700’s in various parts of Europe. It was founded by a man named Adam Weishaupt who founded the Bavarian Illuminati, very first and original set. They even had all types of help as well as thoughts, ideas and also members from the legendary as well as iconic Freemasons. The history of this society really is interesting and also in depth, however I won’t bore you with all types of facts and opinions. If you really want to know more then just click on the link below. It is the Wikipedia page for the Illuminate. Well that’s about it for me! I hope you enjoyed my little behind the scenes view of what I think of this, let’s just say, very questionable organization. Good bye for now and thanks!


The Illuminati and the modern day reinvention.

24 05 2012

(The article this post is referring to is in the link at the very bottom)

Ok, first off I’m posting this little blog linked to this one site simply because I am not too fond of the Illuminati myth and legend. In fact if they really do exist and are not some made up myth, (or if it is maybe just a name given to cover to a bunch of deranged, filthy rich, know nothing  old geezers) then I think they are a pretty strange and creepy bunch. Not so much in a good old happy, joking, good friend, Addams Family style type of sense. I mean in a “they need to get the hell out of the USA” type of sense! Or better yet just be disbanded entirely altogether. Now I’m not going to go off the deep end with every singly conspiracy theory ever made or accusation but I will say this. If they think they have not only the authority but the overall God-given right to choose as well as decide what they think and feel is best for the human race then guess what, they are about to be proven so wrong! It just amazes me what super filthy deranged rich people who sit back in the dark and think they can not only get away with anything, but also that if they just pull the wool over everyone else’s eyes then low and behold they will eventually get their way. This train of thought is not right, it is unacceptable and it needs to stop! Otherwise they are just setting themselves up for failure.

Now this article was made a little while ago however it is still somewhat popular when it comes to Illuminati resistance. I simply like it because of the imagination along with the subject. This guy chose Lady Gaga as the supposed puppet for the whole organization which I thought was clever. I mean it makes sense to the point that for one, what the hell ever made Lady Gaga along with the modern day Corporate Entertainment World think that they could somehow conjure up some type of paper board cutout, incredibly bad copy of the mind wasted 1980’s or late ’70’s drug out Music Artist mind scene and make it become reborn  as well as universally accepted in today’s ultra conservative world? I mean seriously it’s a joke.

Now grant it the music along with the some of the videos are enough to make say the average middle to younger aged adult and teen kind of stop at least for a second and take notice, but aside from that come on. This little reinvention crusade and quest put into action by John Q Nobody up in the fiftieth floor of who gives a crap corporate whatever building with ties to so many other things besides music and TV is really beginning to fizzle out and just burn away completely like butter in a frying pan. And just because Mr. John Q has nothing but airheads around him, or her, all day anyways pretending that they too are all just so super smart and know exactly what the average person wants to see, hear, and do does not necessarily make it so! (by the way Gaga really is another term for airhead if you didn’t know that).

Look, all I’m trying to say is quit this baby style rip off routine of trying to reinvent anything that ever crawled or walk because to me in my point of view, Lady Gaga has got to be the worst attempt when it comes to trying to bring back a drug induced, crazy schizophrenic out of your mind music scene era. Watching her is like watching some adolescent teen walking out into the living room after raiding Mom’s early ultra cool hip style ’80’s days wardrobe from her drug induced club days and then walking around and pretending it’s her’s and always has been. It’s ridiculous! I just hope it stops and stops soon because you know what, lame ass dorks always get exposed hard when the truth comes out in the end.

Oh yeah and one more thing. If they really do exist, then screw the Illuminati!

Fog City Mavericks!

24 05 2012
Cover of "Fog City Mavericks (Starz Insid...

Cover of Fog City Mavericks (Starz Inside)

I was going through my Amazon list of movies and such to try and find something I was interested in and low and behold what did I come across! A documentary showing both the origins along with the masterminds and pioneers who not only helped build and shape The Bay Area of San Francisco in to the independent movie making scene that it is today, but also those same people who just simply call it home as well as the inspirations which helped them to create some of there most finest work to date. The title of the documentary is called ‘Fog City Mavericks”.

Now without going in to too much detail about the film itself, if you happen to know anything about the impact that the city has had on the modern day world of cinema along with the legendary names associated with it then you probably don’t need a run down of the list of people who take part in this film. However if you are not too familiar then don’t fret because I can assure you that the list of people who are interviewed in this documentary are one’s that just about everyone is familiar with. People such as Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas, Clint Eastwood, Phillip Kaufman, Chris Columbus, producer Saul Zaentz, and Robin Williams are just a few of the names on the list. This documentary really is interesting in a way that it gives more background as to the impact San Francisco itself has had over the many years on not just so much the World of Arts and Entertainment, but also the American Culture itself in a whole.

I would definitely recommend this film for any up and coming or aspiring film student just for the pure and simple fact that it is the type of documentary that would help to motivate, inspire and educate the one’s who want to take on this line of work. Either that or at least give some more background of what it was like so many years ago in the independent film making scene and also some of the obstacles and what it took in order to make it in what was then considered such new and undiscovered territory.

Before I close this little post up I just wanted to mention that the link associated with it is the film itself in it’s entirety. It is located on Youtube of course but is not a pirated or rip off version. It is actually an official posting from Starzmedia and is posted for anyone who wishes to watch it for free! You can also watch it on IMDB and also HULU as well.

(Link to the film below)