The Illuminati and the modern day reinvention.

24 05 2012

(The article this post is referring to is in the link at the very bottom)

Ok, first off I’m posting this little blog linked to this one site simply because I am not too fond of the Illuminati myth and legend. In fact if they really do exist and are not some made up myth, (or if it is maybe just a name given to cover to a bunch of deranged, filthy rich, know nothing  old geezers) then I think they are a pretty strange and creepy bunch. Not so much in a good old happy, joking, good friend, Addams Family style type of sense. I mean in a “they need to get the hell out of the USA” type of sense! Or better yet just be disbanded entirely altogether. Now I’m not going to go off the deep end with every singly conspiracy theory ever made or accusation but I will say this. If they think they have not only the authority but the overall God-given right to choose as well as decide what they think and feel is best for the human race then guess what, they are about to be proven so wrong! It just amazes me what super filthy deranged rich people who sit back in the dark and think they can not only get away with anything, but also that if they just pull the wool over everyone else’s eyes then low and behold they will eventually get their way. This train of thought is not right, it is unacceptable and it needs to stop! Otherwise they are just setting themselves up for failure.

Now this article was made a little while ago however it is still somewhat popular when it comes to Illuminati resistance. I simply like it because of the imagination along with the subject. This guy chose Lady Gaga as the supposed puppet for the whole organization which I thought was clever. I mean it makes sense to the point that for one, what the hell ever made Lady Gaga along with the modern day Corporate Entertainment World think that they could somehow conjure up some type of paper board cutout, incredibly bad copy of the mind wasted 1980’s or late ’70’s drug out Music Artist mind scene and make it become reborn  as well as universally accepted in today’s ultra conservative world? I mean seriously it’s a joke.

Now grant it the music along with the some of the videos are enough to make say the average middle to younger aged adult and teen kind of stop at least for a second and take notice, but aside from that come on. This little reinvention crusade and quest put into action by John Q Nobody up in the fiftieth floor of who gives a crap corporate whatever building with ties to so many other things besides music and TV is really beginning to fizzle out and just burn away completely like butter in a frying pan. And just because Mr. John Q has nothing but airheads around him, or her, all day anyways pretending that they too are all just so super smart and know exactly what the average person wants to see, hear, and do does not necessarily make it so! (by the way Gaga really is another term for airhead if you didn’t know that).

Look, all I’m trying to say is quit this baby style rip off routine of trying to reinvent anything that ever crawled or walk because to me in my point of view, Lady Gaga has got to be the worst attempt when it comes to trying to bring back a drug induced, crazy schizophrenic out of your mind music scene era. Watching her is like watching some adolescent teen walking out into the living room after raiding Mom’s early ultra cool hip style ’80’s days wardrobe from her drug induced club days and then walking around and pretending it’s her’s and always has been. It’s ridiculous! I just hope it stops and stops soon because you know what, lame ass dorks always get exposed hard when the truth comes out in the end.

Oh yeah and one more thing. If they really do exist, then screw the Illuminati!




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