Jack Osbourne. A man who knows how to rise above the odds.

21 06 2012
English: Osbourne at Live Earth

English: Osbourne at Live Earth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I first heard about Jack Osbourne and his MS diagnosis earlier last week I have to admit I couldn’t believe it. Jack has changed so much over the years as a person that I would have never expected anything like this to happen to a guy like him. He has really had to prove himself over the years to the point that by doing so he really did achieve this type of make over of a new and improved him which so many people were just amazed by! To sum it up he really did look like he just “grew up” where as going back to the beginning he wasn’t really all that young to begin with. You can tell however he just wanted to be looked at in a different light and a different way. This was one of the main reasons as to why my respect for him grew even more so when I saw the transformation he had made. The fact that he now has MS does not really make me think any less of him and I say that in regards to the fact that I don’t think something like this will hold him down or better yet just completely and utterly ruin his life forever. It is something which he will have to deal with but at the same time it does not mean that this is the end for him. I’m sorry that Jack has MS and I wish this never even happened, but at the same time Jack has been doing some pretty inspirational things with his life, his family, and now of course his new family! With that being said I think we will see Mr. Jack Osbourne once again show us all just what it takes in order to succeed and be prosperous in this world we live in! God bless you Jack and you will always have my humble support!


Senseless acts of violence on the rise.

21 06 2012

Houston as everyone knows has it fair share of violence as well as gang activity. Senseless acts of shootings as well as physical assaults have really been on the rise just within the last two years alone. This particular story however seemed to conjour up a bit more attention due to the fact it happened to involve a particular rapper who has been a part of the scene since ’98. “Trae Tha Truth” whose real name is Frazier Thompson III, is of course a Houston native who came up in a hard lifestyle in the city of Houston but has managed to build up his own type of credibility along with respect and reputation due to the fact that he speaks his mind from the heart along with his own personal experience. At the same time he has managed to keep his image, as well as his reputation, on the higher level of the recognition chain because he is such a strong advocate as well as a community youth supporter for his volunteering of at risk youth for the city of Houston. He has done so much that in 2006 Mayor Bill White went ahead and named July 22 as “Trae Day”. This is a good man people who will not let inner city violence get the best of him! He was wounded in this attack carried out on Wednesday morning, July 20th however don’t be fooled! This is a man who has lived around this type of lifestyle for quite a good number of years and he will keep moving on because that is what he does. He’s a survivor, and an experienced one at that. He already had one friend taken from him back in 2009 during his official day marking for the city which would have been a blow for anyone, but not for Trae. He believes in what he does which makes him stand out from the rest of the crowd, especially when you compare him to the rest of the City of Houston! If anyone out there has any information regarding this senseless act please don’t hesitate to call it in. It would only help to prevent this from happening again! The link below will take you to the Houston Chronicle website for this story.