Fog City Mavericks!

24 05 2012
Cover of "Fog City Mavericks (Starz Insid...

Cover of Fog City Mavericks (Starz Inside)

I was going through my Amazon list of movies and such to try and find something I was interested in and low and behold what did I come across! A documentary showing both the origins along with the masterminds and pioneers who not only helped build and shape The Bay Area of San Francisco in to the independent movie making scene that it is today, but also those same people who just simply call it home as well as the inspirations which helped them to create some of there most finest work to date. The title of the documentary is called ‘Fog City Mavericks”.

Now without going in to too much detail about the film itself, if you happen to know anything about the impact that the city has had on the modern day world of cinema along with the legendary names associated with it then you probably don’t need a run down of the list of people who take part in this film. However if you are not too familiar then don’t fret because I can assure you that the list of people who are interviewed in this documentary are one’s that just about everyone is familiar with. People such as Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas, Clint Eastwood, Phillip Kaufman, Chris Columbus, producer Saul Zaentz, and Robin Williams are just a few of the names on the list. This documentary really is interesting in a way that it gives more background as to the impact San Francisco itself has had over the many years on not just so much the World of Arts and Entertainment, but also the American Culture itself in a whole.

I would definitely recommend this film for any up and coming or aspiring film student just for the pure and simple fact that it is the type of documentary that would help to motivate, inspire and educate the one’s who want to take on this line of work. Either that or at least give some more background of what it was like so many years ago in the independent film making scene and also some of the obstacles and what it took in order to make it in what was then considered such new and undiscovered territory.

Before I close this little post up I just wanted to mention that the link associated with it is the film itself in it’s entirety. It is located on Youtube of course but is not a pirated or rip off version. It is actually an official posting from Starzmedia and is posted for anyone who wishes to watch it for free! You can also watch it on IMDB and also HULU as well.

(Link to the film below)


Clint Eastwood movie lines!

26 03 2012
Cover of "Sudden Impact (Deluxe Edition)&...

Cover of Sudden Impact (Deluxe Edition)

I’m kind of in a classic Clint Eastwood movie line/role type of mood so i figured I’d share just a few of my own personal favorites. Now this first one is from the film Sudden Impact but before I get in to the actual line this post is about itself, I also wanted to point out another favorite one as well. It’s when one of the guys holding a hostage sees Callahan walk back in to the diner and after Callan tells him “we can’t just let you walk on out of here.” The guy replies “Who’s we sucka?” Just a perfect line for the sign of that time. Really early ’80’s but also really late ’70’s also.  🙂  Just kind of funny note! Click on the link right below this paragraph to view a quick clip of this scene!


But back to the line from Clint. Now before I even begin, I just want to say this for the record because I have said this before and I will say it again. If this film were made in today’s world, the infamous coffee line Clint says about his drink being made wrong would sound a bit more like this “Everyday for 10 years Loretta there has been giving me a Venti Skinny Latte. Today she gives me a whole fat Latte with extra regular Hazelnut syrup, a lot of regular Hazelnut syrup, and I just came back in to complain.” Go Clint! Of course no matter how it comes out, Callahan always ends up finishing the job with a bit of help from Mr. Smith and of course Mr. Wesson.

Now here we have yet another great Clint playing Harry scene from the film called “The Enforcer”! This one is too much! After tying to get these robbers to surrender and they refuse, one of them kicks Clint in the ass and tells him to hurry up with his demands. Well Clint, Playing Harry, does what only seems natural and that is drive your unmarked cruiser right up his tail. Then get out and shoot him in the ass! This is great! (just click the link below to watch!)


Well I hoped you enjoyed my little blog about personal Clint Eastwood favorite movie moments! Stay tuned and I just might have some more coming up soon! Grant it they may be about somebody else of course.  😉