Kurt Cobain, the man we never knew.

6 04 2012
Español: Kurt Cobain en concierto junto a su b...

Español: Kurt Cobain en concierto junto a su banda Nirvana en Paris durante la gira prmocional de In Utero en 1994 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(I started to just type in some quick personal thoughts in regards to this link for the Biography of Kurt Cobain. I’ve seen it before myself and for what it’s worth it’s good, just like all of the other one’s they have made. However while writing some things down I eventually turned this  in to all out nice sized little note/blog in regards to him taking his own life. So here is the link, since it is 1 day pass the anniversary of his death, to his Biography special. Also here is my note I wrote in regards to the whole thing as well! The link you will find at the bottom of this note.)

Call me old fashion but every time I think about Kurt Cobain and try to just reflect on his time here and all the great music he gave us, I always run in to this wall. That wall of course is the simple fact that he decided to end his own life. He just decided nothing and no one was even worth living for. Nevermind the fact he was a brand new father and nevermind the fact he had so many people who loved, admired and respected him. None of it mattered a thing.

Now I know his music along with the rest of Nirvana is being carried on to a next generation of alternative rock fans as well inspiring new artists to go out and create their own music, but to somebody like me, who was 13 years old at the time when he decided to take his own life, who first got my hands on the album Nevermind when I was 12 years old and living in a group home who from that point on decided that this was a perfect idea on how to view the world when it just takes the best it can from you. From somebody like me who would always try so hard to really stay in tuned with what Kurt was talking about and not caring about anything else, I just couldn’t believe what he had done.

However going back to when I was 12 and got my first copy of Nevermind, in as bad of a situation I was back when this album was released, you can believe me when I say this that this particular album along with this group and everything they did from that point on would just be a blue print for what at that time was considered modern day self destruction! A nice little album title now that I think about it, but the point is that if certain types of record and media company’s and outlets are going to try to start bringing back Kurt Cobain (besides the main reason and that is to make money) in a way so that newer generations can not only get a listen on him but also maybe be inspired to go out and create their own music ideas and such, then I guess that’s good. However no matter what type of sunshine ridiculous and lame anniversary promo sale they try to paint on this man who INTENTIONALLY AND ON PURPOSE decided to take his own life without giving any second thoughts about why he shouldn’t, then I’m just going to have to go ahead and object. The reason for this is because I can only take so much of the modern-day sales ad and marketing routine dance, which literally drives me to the point of just saying “I am not freaking stupid!”

Now I’d admit entire situation of when he killed himself was crazy and even sad, but ever since all of that happened and after talking to other people about it and growing up over the years while reflecting back on that day, it has become more clear than ever now that this selfish bastard really did hurt a lot of people, especially those close to him.

So with that all being said I hope somewhere, sometime and someplace Mr. Kurt Cobain really can help somebody become inspired to achieve their goals or to help them stay strong in their time of need because as far as the part of trying to make up for it goes, I personally do not think it can be done. He just hurt way too many people.

Kurt Cobain on Biography Channel